Your valuable input and perspective as a board member will help the Crisis Center continue its work to help victims of family violence and sexual assault begin their transition to a violence-free life, and offer support to them as they face many obstacles. By joining the Crisis Center board of directors, you are standing with us to confront domestic violence and sexual assault in all its forms and bring safety, support, and empowerment to survivors. As a board member, you give that which is most valuable – your time.


2019-2020 Board Members

Dawn Loding, President

Trisha White, Secretary

James Heinbaugh, Treasurer

Jeffrey Chafin

Brandy Gray

Jessica Fender

John Wells

Russel Gribble

Sean Williams

Jill Finke

Brandie Ingram

Georgia Malmsten


2019-2020 Meeting Dates

Note: Board meetings are scheduled the last Wednesday of every other month.

If interested in joining our  Board of Directors please contact the Crisis Center at 830-620-7520. Thank you!