We are here to raise awareness of domestic and dating violence.

To give the tools to be aware, help others, and help oneself through education, real-life scenarios, and understanding.

Elementary School

Little Conversations

The series for elementary is based off of four sessions. Each session is done in 25-35 minute series throughout a semester with interactive activities. The Crisis Center Prevention team combines resources for the curriculum just for elementary school. Depending on the age range, proper language and metaphors are used to create an ease and awareness for elementary age.

Session 1- Healthy Relationships vs. Unhealthy Relationships with Peers and Family

Session 2 - Good Secrets vs. Bad Secrets and Body Safety

Session 3 - Feelings and Coping Skills

Session 4 - Internet and Gaming Safety

High School/Middle School Focus Groups


This curriculum is used in middle and high schools around the United States. The Crisis Center of Comal County’s Prevention team uses the curriculum in an 8 to 10 week session series. The series overview looks at ways to form boundaries, identify red flags and harmful dating behavior, the harmful effects of gender boxing in relationships, how to help friends, resources, the meaning of consent, and how to cope with feelings. For a more in-depth look into each, please click on each session.

Session 1 Session 2 Session 3 Session 4 Session 5
Session 6 Session 7 Session 8 Session 9 Session 10

High School/ Middle School Classroom

Crisis Center Prevention: Keeping It Real(life)

This curriculum comes from inspiration of SafeDates, Love Notes, and what we have witnessed as the Crisis Center of Comal County. The series is done in five-parts with each session lasting the length of a class period. The series is based of making these situations realistic and utilizing activities that get students to put themselves in realistic examples of what could go wrong. A focus is to understand what it means for the abused, the abuser, and the surrounding individuals. The curriculum also mixes in modern technology and how it affects relationships. Altogether, Keeping It Real(life) teaches how a teen can navigate modern relationships.

Session 1: Healthy/Unhealthy Abusive

Session 2: How to get out of an abusive relationship/ how to help others

Session 3: Gender boxing/ victim blaming

Session 4: modern tech protect: social media, cyber bullying, gaming

Session 5: self-love/self-esteem



Little Workshop

Healthy Conversations

The three-part series is a parenting workshop after work. With childcare provided, the parents go through subjects like: body safety, technology, body parts, how to incorporate parent’s morals into daily lessons, avoiding worst case scenarios, and more. Each series spends time on different subjects and offers time for a healthy discussion of personal issues.

Teen Workshop

How To Talk To Your Teen

The three-part series brings together teens and parents to build bonds, teach how to have healthy conversations, understand each other, and begin honestly communicating. The sessions are after work and after school. They require at least one parent and their teen to attend to follow the workshop together. These workshops offer games, activities, and bonding exercises.